A short yet pitiful update on my life that I’ve only posted to verify my existence and any remaining self-worth

The other day I had the pleasure of writing a recommendation letter for one of my best friends, who’s applying to college in the fall. He’s basically my younger brother, and when he asked me to write one, I was so honored.

Okay, you caught me. Disclaimer: I may or may not have had already written him one, and when he mentioned that he was applying to the school in question in casual conversation, I aggressively told him I already had it and that nobody else was allowed to write it but me.

Same thing, right?

Which brings me to the topic of college admissions. I can’t believe it’s been ~3 years since I’ve applied to college as a senior from high school, and around ~2 years since I’ve applied to transfer colleges as a freshman. Maybe I’ll dedicate an entire post to the college admission process for high schoolers, although I doubt how helpful that will be, considering I had to redo it 365 days later.

Honestly, applying for jobs is not that different from applying to colleges. For example, both of them cause much hardship and a lot of unnecessary stress. Furthermore, in order to reduce said stress, here I am, writing a blog post.

Let me try to fill you in on my life.

  1. I dropped Italian. I know. Devastating.
  2. I am now taking an economics class on libertarianism, which is super interesting.
  3. I’m still juggling recruiting and maintaining my sanity. TBD on how that turns out.
  4. I am now thoroughly boring you with this list.
  5. HOWEVER, I did receive a DNA kit, so this week, hopefully, I’ll get around to mailing in my saliva. And then I’ll learn about ~my heritage~ (see previous post) in about 6-8 weeks.

Thanks for tuning in. Stay #NotFazed.



Kinda like Gilligan's Island but completely different.

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