Just like our new podcast, here’s a post that’s filled with a “mix” of random things that I felt like sharing

Hey, it’s me. I haven’t written since before Halloween, so let me describe some of my other fantastic costumes from that weekend. One night, my best friends and I were the continents of Pangea (although Australia was sick and couldn’t make it). On the backs of our matching t-shirts, we wrote why we chose to represent our respective continents. I was Africa, because I’m always in De-Nile. Other variations included:

  • Americas: Because Cosmo told me not to put up walls.
  • Europe: Because I’m falling apart.
  • Asia: Because rice is gluten-free.
  • Antartica: Because nothing can melt this cold heart.

Another night I dressed up as a frat boy. I wore a badge that said “Disregard females, acquire currency.” And I said things like, “My dad will sue you!” and “Wait, can you repeat that? I couldn’t hear over my male privilege.” It was an extremely comfortable costume, and the sad thing is I owned every single item that I wore (Vineyard Vines boxers, boys’ Vineyard Vines button-down, Nike mid-calves, Sperry’s, baseball cap from the U.S. Open). I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I’m not going to dwell on it.

Ever since Halloween, my life has been unreasonably hectic. And I’m not even sure why. Just all of these random things started piling up, and before you know it, I have all of these responsibilities and little to no motivation to do them.

But pain builds character.

So does manual labor. My job at the Grille is going swell. I burnt myself on the fryer last night, but I’ve perfected the consistency of my Oreo milkshakes, so I think I’m going to be fine. Although, however, there was this one person who ordered mozz sticks and a chicken quesadilla, but he requested that I time it so that it would be finished (and still warm) when he came back 25 minutes later. I was extremely annoyed, but if there’s one thing I learned from service jobs, it’s that the customer is always right. Or something.

In more positive news, Quinn and I (and two of our best friends) are going to Copenhagen for spring break. Yes, we planned this far in advance, but round-trip tickets costed less than $400, which was a bargain. And Azraa, our roommate/best friend who’s coming with us, is a low-key travel agent and found a flight with a layover in Reykjavik, so we can explore Iceland while we’re in the area.

Speaking of Azraa, she’s a boss and just signed on the dotted line of her contract, committing to a really competitive job offer that she got for the summer. YAY FOR EMPLOYMENT. And if all goes according to plan, we should be living together come June, and maybe even after graduation, which I’m super excited about.

But, most importantly, Quinn and I finally launched our podcast “Mixed Feelings,” so definitely check that out on your preferred podcast platform of choice. We also have a great new episode of “Solidly Mediocre,” where we talk about relationships, so have a listen if you want to hear me talk about my love life (or lack thereof).

Before I end this, let me remind you that TODAY IS ELECTION DAY. SO FULFILL YOUR CIVIC DUTY AND VOTE. Or don’t, because we’re lucky enough to choose not to vote if we don’t want to. But I voted in my first presidential election, and I gotta say that it was pretty exciting.

That’s it for now, fam. Remember to always stay #NotFazed.


Kinda like Gilligan's Island but completely different.

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