Happy December!

Wow, remember when I said I would write more? Yeah, me too. Guess that didn’t work out. This is going to be pretty brief, because I am still in the midst of finals right now, but I figured I might as well give a TL;DR on what’s been happening:

  1. I am no longer vegan. It was great fo the summer when there was so many different kinds of fresh fruit available. However, now that I’m in school and winter is in full swing, it was a lot harder to keep up. I’m still vegetarian and lactose intolerant, but I eat eggs in the morning now because I need protein/iron in my life since I rarely eat beans or legumes.
  2. Submitting the first draft of my thesis today was such a weird feeling. It was 36 pages of blood, sweat, and tears, but overall I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished so far. I’m looking forward to continuing working on it over break.
  3. The opera is over and done with, and it was SO much. I’m so glad I did it, but I also am relieved that it is the last singing I’ll be doing for a while. You forget how much work it is to do something (especially something well) after it’s been 234324 years.
  4. No longer going to bed at 9-10 pm. I usually stay up to around 10:30 or 11, and then I wake up around 6 am. It’s super dark in the morning, and so earlier in the year it was nice to get up and see the sun. Now I have to wait a little longer.
  5. I reached Gold Membership at sweetgreen! Essentially this means that I’ve spent way too much money there in the past year. #sorrynotsorry

Hopefully I can fill you guys in more and maybe actually produce some real content over break. In the meantime, let’s all try to stay #NotFazed.


Kinda like Gilligan's Island but completely different.

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